[INFOGRAPHIC] How Much Does It Cost To Sell A House?

Exsell is shaking up the real estate industry, and it’s driving traditional companies mad.


Because we’re saving sellers tens of thousands of dollars in fees off the final sale price. And we’re doing it through a non-commissioned, flat fee-based model.

Check out this infographic for a quick example of how the funds shake out with an example using the median sale price in Wisconsin for 2017, YTD.

It costs $1,899 to sell a house in Wisconsin. This is according to Exsell, a flat fee realtor. Traditionally, it costs the seller between 5 and 6 percent of the final sale price as a commission fee to the real estate agent.

Even though a seller could determine to work with a flat fee realtor based on the savings alone, we want to make sure our clients know they will be in good hands when they sell their home with Exsell.

Services To Expect From Our Agents

These are all included in our standard $1,899 cost to sell a house in Wisconsin:

  • 25 Pictures of Your Home — We’ll give you advice about how to best prep your home and then bring in a professional photographer to take hundreds of shots. We’ll publish the best 25 pictures with your listing.
  • 1 Year MLS Listing — The $399 fee upfront covers the cost to list the home on the MLS database. Watch a video to learn more about our philosophy on this level of MLS listing. 95 percent of all home sales are as a result of the MLS.
  • Exposure on Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia — The MLS also pushes out to popular websites and apps that make home searchers easier in the Digital Age.
  • Listing on ALL Brokerage Sites — Like with Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia, we ensure the listing gets pushed to more than 500 different brokerage sites in the area.
  • Printable Data Sheets and Visitor Statistics — Get a hard copy look at the data and statistics of the potential buyers who view your home.
  • Personalized Website — Each home gets a personalized website that helps potential buyers learn more about the property, view pictures, and get information directly about the property.
  • Exposure to Search Engines — Our website is optimized, which means yours is too.
  • Direction Signs — What’s the use of hosting an open house or other showings if potential buyers can’t find the home? We include direction signs around the community to make it easy to find the property.
  • Full-Size Yard Sign — Everyone on the block will know your home is for sale with a full-size yard sign.
  • Fields All Phone Calls — A great characteristic of a good realtor is one that is operating flawlessly in the background. This includes taking all calls for showings and other business interactions required when selling a house.
  • Full Realtor Representation — Our realtors work diligently to show the house to potential buyers. Then, we represent you during negotiations and the final close.
  • Home Pricing Plan — Part of the challenge of selling your home by yourself is determining the best sale price. It should be high enough to make a profit, but not too high that it discourages buyer interest.
  • Custom Marketing Plan for Your Home — Whether it is going fully digital or incorporating print materials along the way, our team develops a unique marketing plan for every house that goes on the market with Exsell.
  • Scheduled Showings — Don’t take on the stress of trying to fit buyer showings into your already-busy schedule. Our team of real estate agents includes this service in our flat fee cost model.
  • Qualified Buyers — Sellers can offer a 2.4 percent commission bonus to the real estate agent if our agent specifically finds a buyer for the home. This means the buyer will be qualified to financially buy the house and follow through with a successful closing.
  • Showing Feedback — The seller will receive a complete list of comments, questions, and constructive criticism from potential buyers who choose not to make an offer on the home. All feedback is good feedback in this industry.
  • Negotiate All Offers — Our agents are specially trained in the art of negotiation and always have the highest fairest price as a goal for sellers. We handle the nitty gritty details of negotiating and presenting any offers from potential buyers.
  • Coordinate and Set Up Closing — Once an offer has been accepted, the inspection passes, and the paperwork files in, our agent will coordinate and set up closing with the buyer and the buyer’s agent.
  • Transfer Title and Funds — Finally, it is important to make sure all of the legal paperwork is transferred between owners, in addition to the funds necessary for the buyer to purchase the house.

All of these services are included in the flat $1,899 fee to sell a house with Exsell. No gimmicks. Learn how we are revolutionizing the real estate industry in Wisconsin.

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